"We truly thank God for SandCastles. It has been a rock in our foundation of dealing with our grief."
- Susan, parent

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Grief can be a lonely and isolating feeling. Often others simply cannot understand and do not know how to help. SandCastles Grief Support Programs can provide a sanctuary of understanding, acceptance and growth. The giving and receiving of support provides a common ground for enduring one of the most painful journeys that can be taken, the journey through grief.

What is the enrollment process?

To join a program, the child/teen has to be between the ages of 3-18. Their parent or legal guardian must initiate the contact with our office and scheduled a phone intake with one of our clinical coordinators. Once the intake is complete, and required paperwork is filled out and returned, our site(s) clinical coordinator will follow up with the family via phone. If you have further questions please call 313-874-6881.

What is a typical night at SandCastles?

Program runs from 6:15 pm until 8:00 pm

6:15—6:45 pm Dinner

As families arrive, each member finds their name badge set out near the dining room entrance. Dinner time is a good time to meet other families and facilitators. Families help themselves to something to eat and drink. There is a donation box located near the food. $2.00 per person is requested to cover the cost of the pizza.

6:45—8:00 pm Group Time

At 6:45 pm, a facilitator will announce group time. One group will assemble at a time and leave for their room. The groups will meet until 8:00 pm.

8:00 pm Closing Circle

At 8:00 pm, all groups will come back to a designated area to conclude the evening. Families, facilitators and staff will create a circle by joining hands. Together everyone sings, the Hand in Hand song. Then, someone will be chosen to start our hand squeeze. This will conclude the SandCastles program.

Why is a grief group so important?

Support group settings are helpful in that peer groups help children and teens understand that they are not alone in their grief, which thus normalizes their feelings and experiences, and provides validation that helps with healing and growth. Participating in groups with “peers” can help children to normalize the grief experience and find within themselves the natural capacity to heal.