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Our Mission

SandCastles Grief Support Programsm provides a caring place for children, teens and their families who have experienced a death. SandCastles offers quality community-based family grief services, which encourage peer support and are enhanced by educational outreach.

Vision Statement

To be recognized as experts in the field of child, teen and family grief support and education within the Henry Ford Health System, the community and the nation. SandCastles Grief Support Programsm is self-sustaining with philanthropic, volunteer, and community support.


SandCastles Grief Support Programsm believes that every child, teen and family member deserves the opportunity to grieve in a supportive and understanding environment.

Basic Beliefs

SandCastles’ believes that grief has many forms and is a natural reaction to a death for children, teens and adults. Each individual has the natural capacity to heal oneself throughout the grief process. Each person’s duration, expression, and intensity of grief is unique to that individual. Having support from other’s and acceptance can help assist in the healing process. Sandcastles’ believes that society needs a better understanding and education on the grieving process.

Our SandCastles Model of Support

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Our Commitment to Confidentiality to Our Families

Our staff and volunteers often hear many things that are held in confidence by the volunteers and staff except in cases of suicide ideation, child abuse defined by Michigan State Law, chemical dependency on the part of a child or adolescent, or when a parent or legal guardian has signed an information release. Each facilitator will be asked to sign the following agreement regarding confidentiality.